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YAYYY! Google Finally Reveals the “N” version of Android and it’s not Nutella

So the much awaited version of android has just been released. To add some history, let me tell you how creatively google has always named their versions.

E- Eclairs

F- Froyo

G- Gingerbread

H- Honey Comb

I – Ice Cream Sandwich

J- Jelly Beans

K – Kit Kat

L- Lollipop

M- Marshmallow

N – ??

A public opinion poll was realeased on the internet where people suggested a lot of names and they picked the best one. Its N for Nougat.

While everyone is excited for Android Nougat, many Nutella fans are disappointed. To some extent, I was pretty much sure it will be Nutella.

Here is the official Release:

For those, who do not know what Nougat is, see this:


Let’s forget Nutella for a while and have some chunky Android Nougat. Let’s see what will be the next “O” version. Oreo? YES for sure.




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