Whats Happening?

Pakistan faces Slow Internet Today

Slow Internet today? This may be the reason:

Start Time: 12 April 2015 (04:00 AM)
End Time : 12 April 2015 (10:00 PM)

Duration: 18:00 Hours, as land cable re-routing of Jeddah may require more time.

During this activity entire Segment-1A (Mumbai, Karachi, Fujairah and Jeddah) will remain down impacting 162.5 Gbps of PTCL IP bandwidth via IMEWE.


Despite of the expected time, the issue could not be resolved. The slow internet mode is still active and might be affecting one more day. PTCL is the largest and most trusted ISP in Pakistan with billions of users.

Users of different areas are facing zero or slow browsing issue. Meanwhile, the customer care department is receiving millions of complaints and calls to fix the issue. It is expected that 100% bandwidth will be recovered by 13th April 2015.

This is not only frustrating the internet users but also causing a very bad effect on the customer satisfaction rate of PTCL. Few months ago, the main exchange office of PTCL in Lahore caught fire cutting off the internet connection of thousands of users for several days. It took around three months to recover the same performance. During that time, the customer churn rate of PTCL was very high.

It seems PTCL is facing bad luck as they are trying to provide the best services but are unable to manage the hazards and unexpected conditions. In order to keep the churn rate lower, the company needs to work on its backup services.

Today again, people are seen blaming PTCL for the poor services instead of worrying about the reason of slow internet. Seems like PTCL is getting more notorious than famous. Lets hope that management can come up with some sound solutions for these temporary disasters.