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Who is really spoiling the image of Pakistan?

Who is really spoiling the image of Pakistan?

Pakistan is a beautiful as well as fastest growing country blessed with most talented people. We have four seasons, natural resource and thousands of things to be proud of but unfortunately, Pakistan is not known for these things. In fact, there are so many negative things like terrorism, illiteracy, poverty etc. for which Pakistan is known for. The entire nation of Pakistan knows this and they do not own Pakistan for the reason that it has a real bad image and perception in the global world.

We all know that Pakistan has a bad image but have we ever though who is responsible for that? We google Pakistan and see terrorism, poverty and death. Why don’t we see anything else that WE know and the world does not know? This is only because the world is NOT living in Pakistan. They do not know our language, culture and norms. Its WE who know that. And I am sorry to see everything we post to represent Pakistan on social media.


We the Pakistani are the real reason and the ones who spoil the image of our beloved homeland across the world. Until and unless we our self own the homeland and protect it, this problem is not going to get resolve. Let me tell you what we tell to the foreigners about our country through our Social Media profiles.

We post the pictures and videos in which we make fun of our leaders, politicians and celebrities. No matter they are good or bad, all that matter is what we are showing to others. If your brother or sister in family lied to you or did some blunder, would you like to announce it to the whole world to embarrass them? You might scold them or punish them at home but will never prefer to expose them to world. Then why you do this to your nation? No matter how educated we are, we still want to live an uneducated lifestyle by getting involved in stupid things that we take for granted.



Facebook and social media is not your private place to speak your heart out and tell the world you are broken. It is a public place where if you get naked, everyone is going to see and laugh at you and will remember you as a mad person who got naked in public. We only share the negative and pessimistic things about our country and then complain that our country has a negative image across the world? The world only get to know the things we tell them. So please, open your eyes and think about it Look at the things you share on social media. Those things determine what world thinks about us. You are a representative of Pakistan and YOU are responsible for its global image. Think about it.