What is Life? Complicated Questions and Simple Answers


Life? Defining life can be one of the hardest task at different times. Some can say it’s about living free, feeling the freedom of doing things you want to do. Some can view it as about getting the good out of you and try to help around you. Sholom Aleichem defines life as “life is a dream for the wise, game for the fool, comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor’s”. We all are different people. We are not same at all in terms of characteristics and even we don’t even share same perception or thoughts about different things. We have different visions about seeing things and as same we all have different meanings of what life is.
Living in an era which I am, according to my experience of 20 summers which I survived, I define life as survival. I think life is all about surviving, thought which can be wrong in the eyes of many philosophers who even can provide me some genuine arguments and making me convince and alter my perception about what life is. But this is what I have been experiencing for a long time. Life is a survival and it can be extremely hard at some stages of your grooming. We are been taught to learn things and adapt our behavior to the changing environment since childhood, so what is that? Why are we been taught to molt ourselves according to the changing environment why not we are allowed to behave in such a way we want to.
Our whole life we have influences of others on us. We have lived our lives for someone else since childhood. We were told in childhood to pass the middle school with good grades. I am making a point why, why we are supposed to do this? Why the grading system is always there to judge us? Why were we supposed to behave in a normal way, is abnormality a shame? Does abnormal behavior lessens yours credibility, or makes other judge you in a negative way.
Life is hard if you are willing to live it on some other terms. It will make you no more than a robot or a slave owing your life to some other person. The best thing you can do with yourself is to recognize yourself. Recognize your qualities and make them use in an efficient way. To find peace first you have be known of the term what actually peace is. Peace can be defined as internal satisfaction which will lead towards good happy and prosperous life and by doing things which provide such positive state of mind peace. Thus altering the meaning of life from survival to achieving mind peace can better define what life actually is.


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