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Truth about Facebook

I am not a Facebook hater but I recently realized a deep truth about Facebook which I already knew before but didn’t think much about it. I use Facebook, I have more than thousand friends in my list. I have subscribed to hell lot of pages, play games, chat, and share my stuff there. In fact, it is really helpful for me when I need some help or advice from my friends. It also let me connected to my friends and those whom I fancy. In this way, I always know that what’s going around in their lives. It’s cool how certain things like hashtags, vines and feeling thing work on Facebook. I could share my pictures, check in to the amazing places to make people jealous etc. Then one day, someone asked me what Facebook is? I was like what? You don’t know what is it? Really? He said I know what it is. All I know is a blue colored square with white “F” written in it. Can you define what it is? I took only 2 seconds to say “IT’S A SOCIAL MEDIA…….” Then I just figured out something. Now if someone asks me, I say, it’s “ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA”.

What changed my mind? Am I just being so awkward and a Facebook hater? No, I still love Facebook and the idea of how it connects people and how it helps us to share stuff and build a profile with our favorite ones around. It’s really nice that we don’t see our friends physically but still we know where they were last night, what they had in dinner, whom they are getting married and when did they fell asleep. No one actually wants to get stalked but they really allow us to stalk them and so we do and then judge them for what they are showing on their profile. So, here is what changed by mind.

The words of this man in the Video are just awesome and the real Truth about Facebook. He might made this video to get traffic or might be earning well from him but to be honest, the awareness he is creating is worthy.

I won’t say that we should stop using Facebook. I am still using it and you should too. It’s great to reach more and more people for your business on Facebook. It’s also beneficial to stay connected to friends. All that’s needed is a little behavior change. We need to change the way we use Facebook. Instead of sharing our personal and very personal stuff like ‘out on vacation for a week’. Just imagine, we belong to a nation where we leave one light on while leaving home so that people assume that someone is at home. While we do this, we leave a status on Facebook letting each and everyone know that you are not at home.


If a guy just appears in front of you and ask you to tell him about you because he want to know you more, you will give him a shut up call saying that I don’t like people to interfere in my life. But the same person stalks your profile and gets to know your favorite hangout places, your friends, your favorite color, books, movies, your political and religious views, your relationships, your family complication and your life style. While we shout for our privacy, we spoil it using our own hands.


Have you ever imagined that if someday you get controversial and someone tried to follow you or find you, how easy it will be for him to reach you? Or maybe you are hiding from someone and how they can instantly reach you no matter how much privacy filters you have set on your profile. Before you make any decision, go through your Facebook profile and think that if your enemies somehow got access to your profile, are you still safe? If yes, you are using the Facebook Right way. If No.!! Please change yourself before someone harms you. And If you think that this is bullshit and no one can get access to my profile, let me tell you that even you de-activate your account, the data still remains in the server. With a little effort, its not a big deal to get your data from their server. So, Beware..!, Because it’s a bitter truth about Facebook.