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The year 2014 has been a wonderful year with all aspects. With all the good and bad things all over the year, the world saw many exciting and surprising moments and events especially in the field of Information technology. Increasing trend of mobility, smartphone manufacturers gave their best in this year and much more can be expected in the coming year. We saw many new brands rising and big brands getting flop. There were many best and worst mobiles of 2014 but the top selling mobiles all over the world are stated below. According to the surveys, these phones were rated best by the users and generated the highest revenues.

HTC One M8


With its impressive appearance and sleek body, this mobile ruled over the heart of its user due to its high performance camera and HD display.

It has spectacular processor, Snapdragon, 801 which makes this mobile quick and responsive and gives the user the best experience. HTC never disappoints its user when it comes to camera. This mobile got popularity for being “Selfie-Friendly” due to a clear result of front camera. Drawback remained its delicacy and prone to scratch screen. It was sold at $670 all over the world.

 IPhone 6


iPhone-6 needs no introduction as the world was already waiting for its release. The day it was released, this phone made the record sales in history and people were seen queued up to get this phone. Apple has made its name and all their products are considered a status symbol. This version of the Apple smartphone came with comparatively greater screen size. Can you really imagine an iPhone with size 5.5 inches? Yes, it happened in iPhone-6 plus. The phone was much bigger than the previous versions and is popular for its new operating system, IOS-8. It was sold all over the world $784. People who bought it at such a process are definitely happy, but a few claimed that iPhone 5s was still the better phone than this.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Android phones were sold more than the apple smartphone all over the world. Samsung won the market this year with its wide range of smartphones, released one after another. With a lot of budget smartphones, Samsung gave the world class luxurious phones like Samsung galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4 hit the world with its amazing corporate feel and S-pen feature. With 16 Mega-pixel camera and 5.7 inch screen size, this phone was used as a phone as well as a tablet and was sold comparatively cheaper at $690.

Sony Xperia Z3


What can be more exciting than a waterproof cell phone? Sony was the first one to introduce the advancement in camera in smart phones and the ability to survive in water. With its sleek, stylish and totally corporate look and feel, Sony Xperia Z3 proved to be a hit just like its previous versions z1, z2. The phone got its popularity due to its 20.7 Mega pixel camera and latest android 5.0 Lollipop. It turned out to be a very successful smartphone from Sony with GB Ram with highest business and rank. RAM is the major feature that distinguishes Sony out of all the other brands. Priced at $590, this smartphone was bought by millions of people due to its extended features and affordable price.

The year has may come to an end, but advancements in Smartphones had just started. We are all waiting to see the next masterpieces in the coming year. For more information about the latest smartphones and their prices, stay tuned.




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