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This app gives you a virtual security guard to walk you home

A percentage of the best application thoughts are likewise the most self-evident and that is certainly the case with the Companion application. The application makes it simple to enlist loved ones to basically go with you on your path home around evening time when you’re in territories where you feel not as much as sheltered.

Furthermore, before you crap the application as playing on our reasons for alarm, attempt to recall exactly what number of companions you’ve known who have rung you while strolling the avenues around evening time, regularly in an offer to verify somebody realizes that they’re sheltered while going in dangerous circumstances.


This application wipes out the requirement for a protracted, perhaps anxious discussion stuffed with babble and rather offers a committed device intended to build your sentiment security.

Companion can be utilized with anybody as a part of your contacts and those contacts don’t should be clients of the application. Just data your beginning stage and destination in the application and the product will keep tabs on your development, occasionally asking “Are you alright?” If you don’t react inside of 15 seconds, by squeezing an expansive green “Yes” button, the application will consequently tell your assigned companion.

Be that as it may, the application’s defensive elements don’t end there. In the event that it recognizes that you’ve started running, or that your earphones have been taken out of the cell phone’s earphone jack, the application will begin its 15-second commencement before reaching your companion or relative.

For college/university students, the application additionally accompanies the capacity to report zones around grounds that you feel could be more secure by permitting you to choose an “I feel anxious” choice when here. The creators of Companion guarantee to contact your school’s authorities after accepting such reports.


Obviously, the application isn’t intended to urge you to begin gallivanting around crude neighborhoods at 3 a.m. without anyone else, yet in any event now you have another, extraordinarily simple approach to comfort your psyche when you wind up in such circumstances.

Presently, the application is accessible as a free download for both iOS and Android.