Things we need to do in Petrol Crisis


Today I am going to talk about the very hot topic in discussion these days. Yes, its ‘PETROL CRISIS’ in Lahore, Pakistan. There had been a severe shortage of petrol and its getting worst everyday. I can see everyone around me disturbed, even I could not go to university because there was “NO” public transport available and private cabs were asking me to pay very high fares (Why should I waste my money?).


I have seen government and authorities playing the BLAME GAME to fix the issue but to be honest, this is not going to work. We all know that, isn’t it? Petrol pump owners are playing another deep game to raise the price of petrol which was much lowered by government. Hey Folks, why cant you be happy in everyone’s ease? Well, they might have a reason, I am not going to play Blame game.

Then come the Petrol Pump staff. They are selling the petrol to the ones they know or reach to them by reference. Others, waiting in long queues, keep on wondering if they are invisible or aliens. I have also witnessed heavy fights at fuel stations among people and staff.

Then comes another group of people who wait in queues to buy fuel (more then they actually need) to sell it on double rates. Seriously? I mean do you really think you are playing cool? What if someone just steals your lunch and ask you to buy it on double rate? Feel that pain man. But remember? I am not going to play the blame game, so lets be positive.

Then we have this man, who pretended to be a woman in order to get some “women advantage” to get the fuel. Aww, I am with you bro, you are so cool but wait,,!! Aren’t you affecting the credibility of women? Think about it man.. Pakistan respects women. Do you really want to take it away? P.S I am still positive 🙂


Here comes the most dangerous type of response from people during the crisis. Stealing Petrol from other people vehicles. I would just say suppose you steal it from someone else and then fill your tank. Then someone steals yours and fill their tank. 😀 Its always give and take 😛 . So better keep your eyes off from someone else’s fuel.

So, I would suggest few things that we need to do to fight this Petrol crisis in Lahore. They might not fix the problem of fuel shortage but they will definitely fix many of the problems that responsible for our disturbed life in Petrol Crisis.

1- SMILE 🙂


Guys,, we need to stop playing the blame game. If the sugar in your sugar pot gets finished and you realize it when a guest asks for it. You need to fix the issue first before start yelling at the person who was responsible to keep track of groceries. You might simply confess you are running out of sugar, or you may try to get an alternative like honey. A creative way can be motivating your guest to stay away from sugar because its unhealthy. Same needs to be applied here. Be positive, calm and STOP yelling against your own people. You are Pakistan, They are also Pakistan. No matter if its their fault or negligence, they are still Pakistani. Don’t let the world laugh at us. Show people that we always smile and solve the problems when anything goes out of order.

2- Try Alternatives


I got inspired by an idea shared by my friend Kashif Elahi ( I just read his facebook status). Why don’t we go for bicycle guys? We know fuel is not available and we are “SO CALLED DISTURBED” because we cannot go to schools, offices and carry out our work. This disturbance has become a lame excuse for some people who just say, “PETROL HI NAHI MIL RAHA” .

Lets be positive people. Only If you ride a bicycle, your friend will too, and the cycle will keep on. So whose with me in this? I guess me alone? 🙁

3- Share


This applies to people who luckily get the fuel and they even buy more then they need. Guys, its cool that you have a stock of rare thing and you can now flash some selfies and update your status that you won the race and found the treasure, but please look around. May be someone around you is in a severe need. An ill senior in neighborhood? Or may be a student having his exam? Someone alone in the middle of the street at midnight wondering to get home? If not sharing for free, can you please consider to sell some part of that stock to them at the same rate you bought it? May be in return someone would help you at the time you need.

Lets bring a change and run a “Be positive” campaign to fight this fuel crisis. Lets remind ourselves that its not a shame to travel on some local transport or simply a bicycle. Lets be the school kids again who use to sit together and share the lunch boxes. Lets understand each other. We are meant to live together. Help other so that other can help you.

If you have any interesting story or any message that you want to share with people about how can we reduce problems during this petrol crisis in Lahore, feel free to submit it here. It will get published at Likho Pakistan and your voice will be heard.







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