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Starting business along with job

Fortunately I was able to establish a technology company SOFTBEATS of 100+ happy customers during my job. Here are few tips.

Know your passion:

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

So passion is the key factor for making anyone success in his field. It’s very important for everyone to follow their passion and do what they feel inspired to do, but that may or may not mean turning it into a business. Maybe you like your day job, or you need the health benefits. If so, keep your job, but make sure you have some inspirational passion infused in your life as well.

No matter what you do in this life, one of the most happy-making things you can do is following your passion. Following your passion for work or for hobby helps us all tap into our gifts and talents. The act of following our passion allows us to gain skills in areas we’re already strong in and pushes us to become better, which can then be shared with the world. In this way, we begin to create a body of work that will grow and develop over our lifetimes. Keeping yourself engaged in meaningful work (hobbies apply here too) keeps your mind nimble as you age and allows you to feel that your life has great meaning and purpose. So establishing my own software company was my passion and I knew it. And I was able to do it while continuing my job side by side.

Business Idea with different customer base from the company you are doing job:

I planned to develop a different customer base business idea which would be totally different from my company where I was doing job. It was because I did not intend to be a competitor of that company which developed and contributed in my personal, professional and economical grooming for so long. I felt it would be a kind of being disloyal to them. Instead I took my boss in complete confidence and discussed my business strategies in detail. His counseling and guidance enhanced my level of confidence and passion in real manner.

Hire co-founder:

One and one eleven is so true in my case. Establishing a company or business is not an easy task so you cannot manage or handle it all alone if you want to continue your job as well. So I hired my younger brother as my co-partner in my business. He looked after the whole day management tasks in the light of my guidance.

Control expenses:

There are two ways to handle your economic/financial status; one is to enhance your income and other is to control your expenses. The first one was quite tough for me to manage in the first few years of running my business. I had to live from hand to mouth some time due to investing the whole earning in my business so I tried my best to cut short my expenses. And now I realize that I was on right direction.

Hard Work with honesty:

Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted. (David Bly)
Honesty, Hard work, determination and consistency are the integral ingredients for success in any field. I always tried my level best to include all these in my efforts and I have been rewarded for it so much in return by God Almighty.

Get family trust:

Your family is great support and strength for starting and establishing any new business. It provides you moral, financial and psychological support. It is your family which has to compromise on everything if you have taken it in confidence. So I would suggest to take along your family with you in this journey of success so that there would be nothing hidden from your family members and they can stand beside you through thick and thin.