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SmartHalo – Turn any bike into a smart bike

In the midst of the hurry to make new methods of transportation and dispatching applications to expand existing methods of transport, a chance to upgrade a basic yet effective vehicle, the bicycle, has generally been missing — as of recently.

The SmartHalo connects to the handlebars of any ordinary bicycle and, once connected with your smart phone, goes about as a visual route aide, complete with turn-by-turn indication.


Yes, there are various ways you can utilize your cell phone to explore a bicycle trip now, however they for the most part comprise of checking your handset or smart watch, both conceivably hazardous exercises while controlling a bicycle down city roads.

What SmartHalo does is give a dead basic green lighting brief, associated by means of Bluetooth to the application on your cell phone, permitting you to keep the handset in your pocket as you take after the shading coded route guides on the gadget. Basically include your destination into the gadget’s related application, and SmartHalo will assume control from that point.

When you’re going to turn, the sign pillars a white and green cautioning, and when you’ve gone in the wrong heading you’ll get a red glimmering brief. Another lighting element additionally advises you when you get a phone call.

Notwithstanding serving as a visual aide, the gadget additionally associate with the cell phone application to give biking insights, including traveled distance, normal rate and calories smoldered.


At whatever time you’re far from your SmartHalo-prepared bicycle, you can in any case track its area on a guide by means of the application. Furthermore, the climate safe gadget even incorporates an alert in the event that cheats endeavor to expel it from your bicycle.

At long last, the gadget additionally consequently recognizes sunset, and soon thereafter it turns on a front-mounted headlamp. Furthermore, when you stop the bicycle and descent, the light turns itself off. With all that illuminating, it may appear like you’d have to revive the gadget every day, except the makers of the SmartHalo claim that its battery will last up to three weeks.

SmartHalo, which will retail for $149, is accessible for $99 for ahead of schedule adopters by means of a Kickstarter campaign that has effectively come to $39,000 of its $50,000 objective. On the off chance that you sign up to tidy your bicycle up, the creators guarantee to get the gadget to you by May of 2016.