Whats Happening?

Pink Auto Rikshaw in Lahore to be driven by Female Drivers

Recently, Pink Rickshaws were seen on the roads of Lahore. These rickshaws are aimed to be driven by Females to not only earn but also to provide more comfort and safety to other female travelers. The rickshaw is beautifully designed in pink and white color and is closed from sides. There are two windows besides the driver’s seat which are painted beautifully. The Pink Rikshaw seems to be in a bit larger size and equipped with comfortable seating, curtains and all amenities one might need for a good road trip.

This Pink Rikshaw scheme has been introduced by Zar Saleem, a social worker, who aims to provide rickshaws to female drivers on easy installments. She has targeted all the student community who is not able to afford the fair and feel uncomfortable when travelling to colleges, universities and offices. She also aims to provide these rickshaws to all those unemployed women who can make money by driving this rickshaw and providing a safe journey to other girls.

This is no doubt a good initiative but keeping in view the cultural beliefs of the Pakistani People, this project will take quite a time to fully execute. We are living in a country where girls are competing boys in any field but still, they parents and families are not comfortable in letting them drive alone on the roads. Some people say that it is a good initiative and can promote women empowerment in Pakistan, while others claim that this is the way too much freedom and can be insecure for the girls.

Some people say that this is not going to be successful because women in Pakistan are not good drivers and will raise the ration of road accidents while other believe that women should be given a chance to prove themselves on roads and play their part in a stronger Pakistan.

Here is a video that demonstrates how the things are going to be executed.

As per few of my friends and discussion mates, this is a good step for girls and women empowerment. This should must be executed with full strength. Parents should support their daughters to be brave and do whatever they want to d to earn a livelihood in a respectable way. However, there are good and bad things about everything. Its on us that how we use it and how we see it. If I had to, I would not feel ashamed to drive this rickshaw to travel. We need to stop worrying about what people say and start doing what we really want to do. I wish Pink Rikshaw project a very best of luck.

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