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Click2Taxi, an emerging startup in Pakistan has revolutionized the local taxi system in Pakistan. Android and IPhone users will be able to get a Taxi through an app in their mobile. The Application seems to be of great benefit to local people as well as Taxi Drivers.

Currently, Taxi drivers find their customers from airports, stations and famous traveler’s spot. They pay extra money to the parking stand to stay there and wait for the customers. People find them, negotiate the price and travel to their destinations.

Using this application, drivers as well as passengers will be able to register their accounts on Click2Taxi. Drivers no need to roam here and there to find the passengers and passengers no longer need to wait for a taxi with reasonable fair.

Once logged in, a passenger will be able to search a driver in his nearby area. Once he searches for the drivers, all the drivers in his nearby area will receive the notification. The app also allows drivers to set their status as available, on drive or unavailable etc. If a driver is available and receives a notification, the first one to accept the notification will be allotted to the passenger who wants a taxi. Throughout the waiting time, passenger can track the location of driver and keep satisfied.

After the driver reaches, passenger will not be asked any extra money. The app is facilitating the passengers to pay by cash as well as credit or debit card. Passenger needs to pay Click2Taxi and the app will pay the driver. No extra or service money would be charged from passenger.

According to a research, Click2Taxi is offering the lowest rates for Taxi in Pakistan. They are offering as low as 200 PKR per 5 km. They have ensured transparency and honesty by keeping a feedback system. All the passengers can are the taxi after the ride. This rating will help other passengers in making a decision about hiring that specific taxi.

This app is found to be a good omen for taxi drivers who think that this can increase their earning up to 5 times. On the other hand, passengers believe that the most affordable fare rates, user friendly app interface and flexibility in payment methods makes Click2Taxi a successful venture.

Apps like Click2Taxi needs to be operational in Pakistan in order to make it a high tech country. Pakistan, being a second largest user of Mobile Phones in Asia, can potentially make a difference in lifestyle through apps like Click2Taxi.

The company is looking to hire volunteers, ambassadors and supporters to register deserving and honest drivers and be a part of this life changing application. If you want to win free credit that you can redeem to travel in a Taxi, you can join the Facebook Page for Click2Taxi. Register as an ambassador now to win exciting prizes, certificates and huge discounts for you and your referrals. Click here to register as an Ambassador. Like this page to stay tuned.





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