kia hain yeh log
Koan hain yeh log
Kaisay hotay hain yeh log
Gin k haath
Main aap apni zindagi
ki baagain pakra daitay hain
Gin kay haath main aap apni zindagi ka steering thama daitay hain
Gin k khauf say aap ki zindagi ka rukh mutaeyun hota hai
Gin dar say aap apni zindagi guzartay hain
Gin khauf say aap apni zindagi main rado badal kartay hain
Gin kay dar say aap faisala  kertay hain k aap nay kia karna hai
Gin kay khauf say aap faisla kartay hain kay aap nay kia nahin karna.
Koi namaloom afraad k aik graoh hai yeh
Ya saray afraad janay pachanay hotay hain
Kitnon ko aap jaantay hain
Aur kitnon ko aap nahin jaantay
Jo aap ki zindagi ka
Yeh faisala karnay ya karwanay kay zimedar hotay hain
Kay aap nay apni zindagi kaisay guzarni hai.
Kiss tareekay say guzarni hai
Kia karna hai zindagi main
Aur kia nahin karna zindagi main
Na maloom hotay huay bhi
Un ka khauf itna shadeed hota hai
kay aap apni zindagi un ki marzi say guzartay hain
Aap apni zindagi un ki marzi say guzarna chahtay hain.
Sari zindagi aap ki zindagi kay faislay sirf yeh soch kay hotay hain
LOG Kkia kahain gay
LOG kia kahain gay
LOG kia kahain gay
LOG kia kahain gay
Dimagh kaharab hai kia
LOG kia kahain gay
Akal kay nakhun lo
LOG kia kahain gay
Kia kar rahay ho
LOG kia kahain gay
Kion kar rahay ho
LOG kia kahaian gay
Aaur aap yeh sochnay per majboor ho jatay hain k aap
Apni zindagi gee rahay hain
Ya logon ki.
Iss say ziada sochnay wali baat yeh hai
Kay gin logon kay khauf say aap apni zindagi guzaar rahay hain
Kia un koi farak parta hai
Kia un ko aap ki zindagi koi dilchaspi hai
Kia un ki zindagi main bhi aap ka utna hi amal dakhal hai
Kia woh bhi abpni zindagi aap kay khaus say guzar rahay hain
Kia wah bhi aap kay dar say gi rahay hain
Kia woh bhi aap kay khauf say apni zindagi ka rukh morr rahay hain.


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I am a freelancer and a writer with an aim to promote knowledge and awareness about technology and freelancing in Pakitsn. I teach people about how they can use technology and internet to improve their life, earn livelihood and bring positivity to Pakistan.


  1. Khurram Aftab on

    Makhdoom ji, didn’t realise we had such a eloquent writer amongst us… Never doubted your insight and passion. Very well expressed, someday Pakistan will move on and live up to its potential! Pakistan Zindabad!!

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