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How to build your Upwork profile successfully

Hi Guys

Thank you so much for the reading my previous post about how to start freelancing. I am so glad that I got such a response from you and people tried to reach me through emails and messages. I had been busy in few matters, so I am sorry it took so long to publish the Part 2 where we will actually be making Upwork profile. In this tutorial, you will be step by step learning how to build an Upwork profile correctly.

The Pre-requisites

  • Before we start making profile, I want you guys to know something. EVERYTHING you do on Upwork, will affect your reputation there. Be very very specific and serious while adding anything to your profile because it’s not only the clients who will be seeing it but also, the Upwork team would be watching the things you are doing and can suspend your profile.
  • When you will create a profile, you need to submit it to the Upwork team. They will review that you have not missed out anything and filled out all the information following the guidelines and terms.
  • In order to be fully aware of their terms and conditions, it is highly recommended you read their terms and condition. They are all well written in the manual. You can download the manual here.
  • Please be honest and keep in mind that you are representing Pakistan. Your reputation will let the clients know that they can trust another Pakistani. You are a CHANGE ambassador.

Let’s get started.


  • Go to upwork.com
  • Click on Sign up button on top left.
  • You will see two options. “I want to hire a freelancer” and “I am looking for online work”. Click on “Work” button on the left side.
  • You will see this screen. Fill in all the information carefully. You can select any username.


  • User name will only be used to sign in. Your full name will appear on profile. Make sure you write correct spellings of your full name (as they appear on your CNIC and Bank account). Upwork only allows to attach the bank account with same title as Full name. Select Pakistan in country. Selecting any other country will still show your clients that you are working from Pakistan. Also, you will need to verify through CNIC.
  • After you sign up, they will send you an email on the email address you provided in the previous step. Click on the verification link you received in the email. It will take you to a page where you will see a button “Create my profile”. Click that.
  • Select the correct category according to your skills. You will be able to change them later too.


  • Now you will see this screen. Linking your social accounts is not necessary but doing it will be a good step. Add a photo. Make sure your photo is clear, nicely posed and your face is exposed. Avoid side pauses and bad photo quality. In your professional Title, write your occupation. It can be “Medical Writer”, “Wordpress Developer”, and “Translator” etc. In overview, briefly describe what services you are providing on Upwork, how experienced you are etc. Type few skills in next place. They can be “data entry”, “web research” etc. Select the proficiency level in English. You can add Urdu and Punjabi in other languages. Let me tell you there are jobs for Urdu and Punjabi speaking people too. Select Availability and continue.


  • Add your remaining information and do not miss out anything. You can add any school/college project if you are new and can add experience in any school/college activity if you did not went to any job before.
  • When you are done with everything, submit the profile for review. You can also save it as draft if you want to do it in chunks or fill some information later.

Once your profile is approved, you will be able to take tests and apply for jobs. Wait for the next article to know how to find jobs, apply for them, write good cover letter, take tests and win the projects.

You can contact me by sending an email to sundas@devstroke.com or send me a message at facebook page. Thanks and all the best.