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Hannibal’s kitchen: Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving human flesh

An eatery in Nigeria has purportedly been close around the police for cooking human flesh and serving it to clients.

Local people in the zone who suspected something awful was occurring inside the kitchen tipped off the police who accordingly attacked the inn eatery to find human heads that were all the while dribbling with blood in plastic packs.

A nearby cleric who ate at the eatery situated in the south-eastern area of Anambra was frightened at the cost of dinners there, particularly where the meat originated from, BBC Swahili reported.

The cleric was given a bill of 700 Naira, which is around Rs 350, when the every day pay of countless Nigerians is pretty nearly Rs 96.

“The chaperon saw my response and let me know it was the little bit of meat I had eaten that made the bill scale that high,” the cleric said.

“I didn’t know I had been presented with human meat, and that it was that extravagant,” he included.

Amid the attack, police likewise discovered a huge arms stockpile of weapons including projectiles.

Ten individuals were captured in association with the law violations.

“I am not astonished at the stunning disclosure… Every time I went to the business sector, I watched abnormal exercises going ahead in the inn,” an inhabitant of the zone said.

“Individuals who were never neatly dressed and who looked a touch abnormal advanced all through the lodging, making me exceptionally suspicious of their exercises,” he include