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How to get your Free Payoneer Debit Card

Payoneer is a great service to be used by freelancers. They give you a free card that you can use in your local ATM to withdraw funds. You can send the funds to your card from oDesk , freelancer, eLance , fiver and other supporting partners. You can find the partners on their websites. Your client can directly load load your card through their credit card as well. The exchange rates offered are also better than much of other services. They also facilitate you by their “US Payment Service option”. Using this option , you can request your own personal bank account in bank of America. You will be allocated a routing number, account number and other details. You can use those details for your US payments and all the payments you receive on that account will be loaded to your Free Payoneer Debit Card.

Another amazing service they offer is the immediate load service. Once you receive the Payment, it will show up in your Payoneer account within 2 days. If you want to get it even earlier, you can enable Payoneer immediate load that will instantly load your card for $2.5 per load only. So you do not have to wait for days to get your cash in hand.

If you are looking to get this Free Payoneer Debit Card and start using it, here an easy process to follow.

1- Go to You will see a screen like this. Click Sign up.


2- Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email address and date of birth here. Make sure you have the access to that email address and you regularly check the mail. Write the same date of birth as written on your CNIC. Click Next.

3- Here, you will be asked to provide contact details. Write Pakistan in country, your real address (This must be the address you are living at) , your contact number (you must have access to it) and your zip code. You can Google your area’s zip code. Click Next.

4- Now you will be asked to set your password and security question. Select both of these carefully and keep them safe with you. You will need them a lot later. Click Next.

5- Now, you will see screen like this.


Select the verification ID from CNIC, Passport or Driver’s License and provide its number. Your details will be verified through this, so you must provide the valid details. If you are living at a different address then your CNIC, use the option of ‘enter alternate shipping address’ to enter the address you are living wait.

All done !! Now you will receive an email notifying you that they have received your details. They will take upto 15 days to verify your details and send you the card at your mailing address via mail. I got my card after 6 days 🙂

Now you just need to wait for your card and one day you will get it 🙂 . The card will be packed in an envelope with a letter with all the instructions to activate it.




One you get the letter, go to You will see a screen asking you for user name and password. Write the email address you used to create account on Payoneer in user name and write the password you chosen at step 4 in password.

This will take you to your portal where you will be able to see your current balance, account activities, account settings and US payment methods  tabs.

Follow the instructions on the letter to you received with your Free Payoneer Debit Card to create a PIN for your card. This PIN will be used when using your card in ATM machine.

In order to get the US payment option enable, click on the US payment request service tab on your portal.


When you will click on US Payment Request, it will take you to a short form. Fill out that form and click submit. You will receive a confirmation email and will get your us bank account details within 3 days. You can use that bank details to receive Payments from anywhere you want for example oDesk, Paypal, freelancer, Elance, fiver etc.

In case of any query, send me a message , or leave your comment. I will be right there to help you. Stay tuned to the next articles on similar topics. You can also subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out any topic in on-line earning and freelancing help category. Happy Freelancing 🙂




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