Whats Happening?

Flights Resumed after deadly attack on Ataturk Airport

Two suspected suicide bombers have hit Turkey’s Ataturk Airport, slaughtering 36 and injuring over 150.

Beginning reports demonstrate the bombers attempted to enter the “control point” of the international terminal of the airport. Turkish police let go at two suspects who then exploded bombs strapped to themselves.

Ataturk Airport is one of the busiest on the planet serving more than 60 million travelers in 2015.The airport was all over crowded with people from all over the world heading to different countries.

No quick claim of responsibility regarding the assault has been made yet. The government, however is blaming ISIS behind this. Some also saying it might be Russia but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Only few hours after the deadly attack, the airport is declared safe for the flights to land. Flights from Europe, Asia, US and other parts of the world are now landing at the airport. However, thousands of passengers have faced delays.