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Easy way to disable autoplay for videos on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are confronting recharged feedback for their autoplaying feature highlights. While autoplaying feature has been an aid for promoters and distributers wanting to encourage their span on online networking, for clients, the element can possibly be out and out aggravating. Numerous clients were pointedly helped to remember this Wednesday after accidentally seeing the terrible feature that caught the shooting passing’s of a Virginia TV correspondent and cameraman, after the clasp was posted on online networking.

There is an approach to debilitate autoplaying feature on both Facebook and Twitter on the web and their iOS and Android applications. We’ve separated the progressions, beneath, to demonstrate to you proper methodologies to kill autoplay unequivocally.

  • ios

On Facebook’s iOS application, discover the application’s fundamental settings (in the “More” section) and select “account Settings.” Choose the “Features and Photos” tab and select “Auto-play.” From there, you can kill the element altogether, pick Wi-Fi just or empower a setting Facebook calls “Smart Auto-play.” If Smart Auto-play is on, Facebook will specifically pick which features are consequently played n your food while “enhancing for your nation, versatile transporter, battery life and information use.”


For Twitter, go to Settings – > Accounts – > Video autoplay. Like Facebook, you can select to permit autoplay just when you’re joined with Wi-Fi or turn the element off totally.



From, you can debilitate autoplay from the main settings menu (under the carrot symbol in the upper right corner of the site). From that point, select “Features” from the left-hand section and switch autoplay to off.

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For Twitter, go to your principle settings (you can discover the menu by tapping on the thumbnail of your profile picture) and look down to the base to the “Substance” heading. Uncheck the “Feature Autoplay” box and select “Save Changes.”



Also, you calibrate your autoplay settings on Android taking into account your system association or turn the component off inside and out. Select “Application Settings” from the ground sirloin sandwich menu in the upper right corner of the application and look down to “Features play naturally,” to change when you need features to autoplay.


On Twitter, select the three specks menu to open the application’s settings. Look down to the “General” segment and “Feature Autoplay.” You can then kill the element or change it to Wi-Fi just. Autoplay is a genuinely new expansion to Twitter’s Android application so not all variants of the application may have the setting.








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