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Why content is king in blogging?

Most of the people who are having a good deals of earning in this field always prefer to pay more for the content. The belief on doing quality content writing is vanishing because writers have started stuffing keywords. Basic soul of content is not the keywords or some SEO friendly H1, H2 headings. Dependence of ranking and high conversion rate (in case of affiliate marketing) is on the composition of content. What idea is being delivered through your writing is more important as compared to how much you are repeating the keywords. After reading this article you are going to know your real worth if you are a writer. It does not matter that you belong to Pakistan and you should be awarded less than a 100 rupees for your precious skill/Art. There are some of the reasons why a content writer should have a high pay rate :

Content importance in Keyword Research

While doing keyword research every blogger look for high Cost per click, Competition and other factors like CPM etc. But before finalizing keyword the blogger always put a light on what type of content is needed. If some blogger contacts you and approve your writing skills then you have the right to charge. You will be compromising your own worth by charging less. More price demand depicts high quality in business but the case with content writing is different. Everyone in Search Engine Optimization is looking for success rather than assumptions.

Being Ranked on Search Engine


It is an indeed happy moment for a blogger to see website ranking on search engine. If the blogger contacts you again for the task then you should realize your importance. The blogger always want the website to stay on the current rank or go higher. Quality content will always help and poor content will get it vanish from the search engine.

Affiliate Marketing (Click bank/Amazon)

Without an effective sales appeal it is impossible to get high conversion rate. Sales appeal is developed through the content. If you are writing the content and also creating a purchase intention then you should be awarded. If the blogger is asking you to work on low rates then avoid taking big projects. You might waste your precious time writing for a bulk project instead of taking more small projects with a good average price.

In short the crux of this whole debate is to spread a message that when you (blogger) is aiming to earn hundreds of thousand then why you are giving less than hundred rupees for plenty of words to a writer. Every blogger should realize the importance of content and should be willing to pay more to promote Pakistani Writers.

Likho Pakistan is a good portal to express and share. I would like to invite every content writer to contribute something to this blog. Special thanks to Sundas Jabeen.