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I am back with a Free Webinar

Hi Guys,

First of all, I am really really thankful to everyone out there who has been reading my blog and reaching out to me via facebook, emails and comments. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I have been busy with some really important decisions of my life. I missed all the emails for a while and when I read all my emails and messages, they were so many that I decided to do a free webinar to address all those questions.
Also, I have learned some really great stuff and have a lot of things to share with you guys. I am writing this as a post so that all of you who have subscribed can get alerts. I have decided to do 1 article every Sunday (at least). I will do it more often in the coming days. Before we take a new start again, I really don’t want to just ignore the piled up questions that you guys sent.
So just let me know through messages, emails or comments about your availability for webinar. This is going to be a free online session where I will be talking to you guys, addressing your questions and answering them live. You will need the internet connection to join and that’s all.Let me know what suits you best, weekdays? or weekends? Based on most of the responses, i will organize the webinar somewhere in next 10 days and will be there for you guys to help.

You always know where to contact me, but just in case, write an email to me at (my personal email) or generic email for blog), or feel free to send me a message at facebook.

Much Love and Sincere Thanks.

Sundas Jabeen



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