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Likho Pakistan is a platform where all Pakistanis can share their thoughts and knowledge to being a positive change in a nation. Though this is a Pakistani Technology Blog where the writer, Sundas Jabeen talks about the technological skills that can help people in their daily lives, it also contains content on other niches. However, the main agenda is to be a “Positive Pakistan”.

The Basic intention behind this Technology blog is to create awareness about Technology through writing and educate people about the things that can help them live a better life. We believe sharing knowledge is a good deed and therefore, we created this platform where our Authors share their experience, knowledge, skills and other important announcements that can help you learn, achieve and live a better life.

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Pakistan is full of talented people who one way or another help their fellows as well. This platform unites all those talents and let them share the helpful material with others. EWveryone is invited to share anything they want and get featured here.This is the platform where we publish your work and get your name heard across the world. Lets unite together and show the world how talented Pakistan is. Click here to publish your article now.

You do not have to worry about the perfect English. Our experts will proof read your article and get it fixed. All you need to do is to write unique content that can help someone. You can share your experiences as well that might be helpful for others.

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