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A big flaw in Samsung Galaxy note 5

The recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has what gives off an impression of being a genuine configuration blemish. As per two autonomous reports from Android Police and Ars Technica, embedding’s the Note 5’s S Pen in reverse won’t just motivation it to be adhered and hard to evacuate, yet could likewise for all time break its stylus feature.


It’s a bit of astounding that Samsung’s configuration and engineering teams didn’t see this defect. On past Galaxy Notes, the gruff end of the S Pen stylus has been bigger than the nib end, which made embedding’s it into the telephone in reverse outlandish. The S Pen on the Galaxy Note 5, be that as it may, is uniform over the whole length, making in reverse insertion unintentionally a more prominent probability.


In other words: Don’t let your children play with it. As a notice, new Galaxy Note 5 proprietors ought to be additional watchful when re-embedding’s their S Pen stylus into its space. Either that or get a Galaxy S6 Edge+, which has basically literally the same specs and doesn’t have a stylus by any stretch of the imagination.





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