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80s women fashion popular in 2015

Old is gold. We have always listened to this sentence and kept on using it in our daily life as well. It has many applications as well while one of them being fashion. The way old fashion repeats itself after a certain time, it will not be wring to say that fashion repeats itself just like the history does. Nowadays, vintage fever is at its peak. Vintage refers to the time of 1920s. The fashion that was followed at that time is demonstrated to us through old movies, songs, pictures, old paintings etc. the same lifestyle is becoming the fashion again. Either it is a tribute to that time or people have started thinking like the old people again, it is obvious that fashion of old times is again becoming popular and our youth is going crazy about it.


After amazing peak period of vintage, people are now trying to set trends by putting in more creativity. Now vintage style comes in blend with many other styles like pop, classic, Victorian style, and even the royal courtroom dressing is being adopted by celebrities on special occasions like film premier and award function red carpets. One of the style that is most seen is 80s women fashion. The dress, shoes, and fashion accessories that were used by women as fashion in 1980s is being used now by our youth and becoming the latest fashion trend.


The most common things that were in fashion in 1980s were shoulder pads that were used to create a straight and wider look for the shoulders. Women used them in offices, formal ceremonies and weddings to make their shoulders look prominent and broad. You can see most of the women in 1980s like princes Diana have fashion photography wearing them. Another style was the use go leggings and fingerless gloves. They are again popular. Todays, fingerless gloves are a compulsory part of women fashion accessories especially in their wedding. Leggings of different colors are also very popular and jeans are being replaced by them. Girls of all the ages love to wear sharp bright colored tights with frocks, tops, t shirts, long shirts etc.

The baggy style shirts that are commonly seen today also derived from 80s women fashion. They were the basically introduced in that era and now designers creatively give them unique designs. However, the main loose shirt fashion was first introduced in 1980s.