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10 facts about Pakistan

Pakistan, officially the Islamic republic of Pakistan has the sixth largest population in the world. The total population of Pakistan is 185,132,926 as of July 1 2014. The density of population in Pakistan is 233 people per Km2.




Highest peaks

Pakistan holds five out of fourteen highest peaks in the world. The second highest mountain peak of the world i.e. K2 is situated

in Pakistan. K2 is about 8611m high

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World’s highest polo ground

World’s highest polo ground is situated in Pakistan in Chitral. Where the Shandur polo festival is organized annually.

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Meaning of “Pakistan”

The name Pakistan means the holy/pure/clean land or country. Some writers also translate the name Pakistan as the land of the pure.

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Air-force pilots

Pakistan is the country which is considered to be notable for having one of the best air force pilots in the world.

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Nuclear power

Pakistan is considered the first Islamic country in the world to attain nuclear power.

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Area of Pakistan

The country Pakistan covers an area of 796,095 SQ kilometers and has an estimated population of 177,163,231 people.

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Achievements by Pakistanis

The youngest certified Microsoft experts ARFA KARIM and BABER IQBAL are from Pakistan.

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Multilingual country

Pakistan is a multilingual country with more than seventy languages being spoken. The top three languages spoken in Pakistan are Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi.


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Military force of Pakistan

Pakistan has the seventh largest military force in the world.

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