$1.2 Million Dota2 Asian Championship nailed By a 15 year old Pakistani


The universe of e-games has a climbing star. Fifteen-year-old Sumail Hassan Syed from Karachi did something that will go down in the history books for Pakistan on Monday when he helped his group, Evil Geniuses’, claim the Defense of the Ancient 2 (Dota 2) Asian title in China.

This is, no doubt a moment of pride for Pakistani Nation but Alas, there is no encouragement for real talent here. Gaming in Pakistan is an emerging field and different universities an organization are trying to promote it by conducting various competitions where participants play games and prove their worth. Games like counter strike, DOTA and call of duty are not the one that every one can play. They require skills like strategy, planning, responsiveness and decision making to win.


If games can teach our kids these skills, we should never believe on stupid myths about games that they waste time. Most of the parents discourage their kids while they play games. They always say that their kids waste time on games and they scold them to stop them spending time with games. They never allow them to spend on game equipment and similar things to have their own gaming setup. Parents need to understand that time has changed now. Games are as important as anything else.

I appreciate the universities that conduct gaming competition in Pakistan but I wonder what’s the use of that If our kids are not facilitated enough to practice games. I don’t see any gaming lounge that promotes gaming in Pakistan. Our kids are not playing these strategy games but wasting their time on basic internet games that do nothing but kill their time. We should facilitate our kids with all sorts of gaming equipment and invest in it.

Their must be specific gaming studios specifically dedicated to gamers where they have access to high graphic card systems, consoles and gaming setups. National gaming tournaments are much appreciated but we are looking forward to having more opportunities for gamers.

But I love Pakistani Gamers. Despite of NO ENCOURAGEMENT, they manage to get their name marked in all over the world. Sumail, a 15 year old Pakistani Boy who won the DOTA Asian championship is known by his in-game alias of ‘Suma1L’. He was picked up by one of the biggest e-sports team, the Evil Geniuses in North America. sumail

Sumail played online, impressed people and ultimately got contacted by EG to play a lead role in their team for Asian DOTA championship. He made that team won and nailed it. If he could do it there, he can do it here in Pakistan too. He can lead a core Pakistani team as well.

Pakistan is full if excellent gamers like Sumail. We all need a platform to unite them and facilitate them. I am sure, it will pay off 🙂

Long Live Gamers

Long Live Pakistan







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